closing a chapter...


Sometimes a good reevaluation is in I happy with what I'm doing...does it fulfill me...or is it creating unnecessary stress in my life? Lately I've felt the need to reevaluate my business. Starting out it was a hobby, something to fill my entrepreneurial spirit but as my family and business have both grown it's made me contemplate if now is the right time to build this brand because of the season of life I'm in. I do love what I do and I have been on such a wonderful journey creating this business. It is a huge creative outlet for me. I love making the products, thinking of ideas to grow the line and all the amazing feedback I get from my customers. It is beyond rewarding when you hear someone say that something you've made has helped their child's eczema. It has grown into a business that I dreamed and imagined it could be but along the way my definition of what fulfills me has changed.

My family is number one in my life and I want to eliminate any stress that keeps me from parenting wholeheartedly. From the beginning I told myself that I would not let this business venture get in the way of my family and the second it does I will shut it down. Some people might have a different perception of what "getting in the way" is and I know many moms who can balance it all but I haven't found that balance and I'm okay with admitting that. My business has grown to the point that it is demanding too much time from me and away from my family.   I hate being with my family and feeling the pressure of all that needs to be done for the business.

This is not an easy decision for me but I'm welcoming the change and freedom from it. So, what this means for Nourish Baby Organics is that I'm winding down with a projection to close by the end of the year. I am stocking up on inventory right now and when everything sells then I will officially close...this is truly bittersweet. I will keep you all posted on this transition and I thank you for your love and support.  I appreciate each and every one of you that allowed me to live out my dream.  xoxo

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