1st day of "school"


Bishop had his first day of school this week.  Well, I should say his 1st day of mother's day out but we've been talking all summer to him about how he's starting "school" and how much fun it will be.  I let him pick out his backpack and put stickers on his new lunch box.  He was really excited about it but a little disappointed that he wouldn't be riding a school bus and I was disappointed that this was the best picture he'd let me get of his 1st day!  

The program we have him is called Promiseland and is at our church, Fellowship Bible.  We chose to do one day a week this year to ease him into it. But he did so well we could have done two days and I'm wishing now that we had!  I'm looking so forward to all that he'll learn over the year, new friends that he will make and watching him grow in faith with the Lord. 

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